The Dallas Experiment…

..when I look at my history…I can’t say that I have not taken chances. A couple of years ago I worked a major contract with Sears. I completed the Project in one-sixth of the allotted time, with only me using  a third of the revenue. I thought it was a brilliant move to really perform on the that huge engagement…I was terribly wrong.  I literally worked myself out of a job. They got my reports, gave me a cigar, patted me on my ass, and walked me to the elevator….I was done. 

I subsequently found that all other contracts were falling fewer by the wayside. After six months…I was desperate…I needed a job. studied the numbers by region and found that the state that I was in…ILLINOIS…had a -17% employment rate. The research showed that other regions were doing significantly better than Illinois. Dallas, for example had a 89% employment rate, as well as being one of the up and coming regions for economic growth. I, like most of the country would consider a complete re-location. A total upending of all that’s comfortable….just to pursue quality of life.

The work/life balance is extremely important to the growth of a person or a family. I packed a backpack, put on my best suit, closed my accounts, left my kids, abandoned a girlfriend, a house, car and anything I couldn’t carry….and moved to Dallas!

….In 31 months:

  • I had 54 technical interviews…but NOT ONE CONTRACT!
  • I was the only candidate in 6 jobs with a complete 20 yr Project Portfolio…NOT ONE JOB OFFER!
  • I overcame 2 bouts of homelessness…I had to move into a veteran`s shelter…but, kept working 2 jobs!
  • Suffered a terrible injury due to negligence …sued the state… of yet, NO COMPENSATION!!

The lesson learned :

Moving across the country is a risky venture. You must be dedicated to the outcome….good or bad.

I left and tried another part of the country…my third in as many years. I feel great about the possibilities of this new place. I have kept myself open to adventure, growth and endless possibilities. I tell this story…not to garner your sympathy…but, to honor perseverance. If you never allow any obstacle to stand in your way…you are ready to become a member of myBos.

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