Is there a level playing field?

I do not now, or at any other time think that the methods of hiring in this country are fair to all. I do not think there is a level playing field. I have been in every sector of the workforce and I can personally tell you that there are rules being broken. I have navigated through the rough waters of job hunting for two decades, and came out on top with knowledge…and, I want to share this information with you. There are various methods that you can use to increase your professional net worth. You have to have a comprehensive plan to achieve your career goals. MyBos LLC can assist you with achieving these goals.

I ideally would like to utilize MyBos LLC as a tool to assist in helping people to solidify their career goals. The job market is at its highest level of uncertainty. Only through re-training, studying industry trends and forecast can a person make themselves more valuable to a industry.  I am a firm believer that…ever since the united states decreased the usage of human resource departments, hiring protocols will forever be unfair. Companies only want to correspond via email these days. The usage of third party foreign companies stops the traditional person from hoping to meet someone, hand out a paper resume, and have a fair chance. Gone are the times where you put on your best suit and get your shoes shined. I will never understand the purpose of a GROUP INTERVIEW?!


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